Process All-Over specialise in Legal Document process serving, providing a total process management service.

Go Divorce, a division of Process-All Over, delivers one-to-one divorce process services.

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At Process All Over - whether it be divorce papers served on an ex, a legal document served on you from one of the largest law firms in Melbourne or an individual client, we deal with document serving originating from all the Australian Courts across the States and Territories.

At Process All Over our document serving process management encompasses a series of service points including Magistrates Court, County Court, Supreme Court, Federal Court, Federal Magistrates Court, Family Law Court, Children`s Court, High Court, District Courts. We also deal with VCAT documents and Letters of Default or Demand, to just letters that need to be personally served. We can prepare affidavits of service for all court documents served, if this is something our client requires, and we ensure that all affidavits required for hearings are back with our clients prior to the hearings commencement. Our Go Divorce services are especially popular and offer a personal, stress free path to move forward beyond a marriage breakup.

Comprehensive and Professional Divorce and Legal Document Serving

Process All Over provide a comprehensive and professional solution to document serving Australia wide, with a full end-to-end process for the service of all court documents including claims, complaints, and divorce paperwork. In addition to our effective and efficient process serving service, we`re also proud to offer complete management of legal documents being served with ongoing progress reporting and case activity updates, giving our clients support every step of the way, and ensuring total peace of mind.

Divorce Process Server in 2017

Divorce proceedings can be a challenging period for any family. In order to facilitate the changes quickly and without family distress, we believe it is important to employ the services of a qualified divorce process server who has the credential and world experience to serve your application for divorce specifically in line with Federal Magistrates Court of Australia requirements. The process service of your divorce documents is very important as the step to getting on with your life.

It is important to note that, divorce papers must be served correctly and with all due dilligence in order for the proceedings to be declared legally valid and the divorce progress without trouble. Our professional team are caring and thoughtful when helping clients through the Divorce serving process. Process All-Over help take the stress out of the equation in order for you to move forward with your life.

Go Divorce - Divorce law and legal process serving of divorce papers.

Go Divorce from Process All Over brings a much needed personal service to those in the process of a divorce. Our expertise in the divorce sector spans several decades and takes the stress out of the equation for our clients. All communication is person to person and we bring a wealth of knowledge to help you complete the divorce papers and serving process with ease.

Family Court Divorce Process - How to Obtain Divorce Papers

To easily obtain divorce papers, visit the Family Court website. The Family Court website has easy to download divorce kits plus the required forms to begin the divorce process. We offer a direct link to the Family Court downloads from our website. This is the first of 3 steps with the Family Court before receiving confirmation that your divorce papers and documents can be served.

If you prefer to have the divorce papers served on your behalf, simply contact Go Divorce at Process All Over. We offer a personal approach to the process for divorce in Australia with full document serving Australia wide.

Process of Serving Legal Documents - Process All-Over, Process Serving Australia`s legal documents and divorce papers in 2017.

At Process All Over, we believe that accuracy is an integral aspect of legal document process serving, which is why the service of documents always begins with accuracy checks, including dates, court numbers, required notice, and any attachments. We continue to check documents as a standard part of our total process management, as paperwork moves through our offices, when it is received from the client, and when it is returned to us from our experienced service agents working out in the field.

Once we`re happy that all paperwork is accurate, we hand over to our divorce process servers and servers of other legal documents who are highly experienced and skilled in serving divorce papers in Australia - Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, and all across the country. We remain in constant communication with our service agents. This enables us to deal with any complications efficiently, and also allows us to keep our clients up-to-date with ongoing case activity at all times during the process.

We pride ourselves on the professional handling of all court documents, which means that we work with only licensed process serving agents in Australia. Through these selective partnerships, we`re not only able to keep the client briefed on the process and its progress, but we`re also able to be 100 percent confident in our preparation of all court affidavits of service, verifying that papers have been served in accordance with our own internal processes and in accordance with current legislation in all states.

The service of divorce papers and family law documents is handled on your behalf by Process All-Over

Process All Over offer a complete divorce process service for all divorce papers and family law documents.Take the stress out of this integral process and let us serve all divorce documents for you.

Serving Family Law Papers in 2016 - Australia, Melbourne

We have a special interest in the areas of divorce, family law, and possession of property. Our process serving service is tailored to individual cases and circumstances, and we provide our clients with a bespoke service to meet needs.

For example, in the case of possession of property, Process All Over organise for locksmiths to change any necessary locks, and official documents relating to vacant possession of the property are drafted. In cases where location and identification of the party appears challenging or difficult, we`re able to remain in contact with our service agents out in the field, documenting each attempt at communication or service and feeding back to our clients to ensure they`re kept up to date with any changes or progress.

Challenges of Legal Paper Process Serving

"Do it Yourself" service kits can now be downloaded from the internet, but Process All Over do not recommend the use of these kits. There are many challenges to document serving in Melbourne and in other cities across Australia, including strict regulations in terms of time limits, special requirements for some parties (prisoners and the disabled, for example), and the risk of potential hostility or violence. Instead, we recommend using a professional service with extensive experience in document serving.

Service of Process Australia Wide

While Process All Over have experience in the handling and reporting of court documents for many different courts - service of County Court documents, service of Federal Magistrates Court documents, and service of Supreme Court documents in Australia, for example, and specialise in process serving divorce papers in Australia - Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, and Austrlia wide. All states and territories are covered, with the diligence required by the court in question. At Process All Over, our ultimate aim is to take the stress out of serving papers with our comprehensive reporting of documents served, and through our work with experienced and highly skilled process servers of legal documents and law papers. We see all too often that cases are drawn out or costly because of inaccuracies during the process. We believe that the most efficient and effective solution is professional divorce and legal document serving. Serve them once, serve them right!

Service of Supreme Court Documents

The Legal service of supreme court documents is handled by our senior staff, all of whom have many years experience in the Legal process document serving and legal process document management.

Service of Federal Magistrates Court Documents

Processing and the service of federal magistrates court documents is handled from our Queens Road, Melbourne office. Company directors are key to the success of our business and are on hand to help with all processes.

Service of County Court Documents

County court documents are distributed and handled as a part of our everyday services. Please contact our head office for all details regarding County court documents.

Process servers

Process servers and Agents must attend the given address for service, establish that the subject resides at the address to leave the document with a fellow resident or serve the subject personally, which ever is required. Some documents require the subject to attend a hearing as a witness or for an oral examination and this usually requires the agent to hand the subject conduct money in the form of cash or a cheque. When personally serving a subject the process server must establish that the subject is the person named in the document and usually is required to provide an identification clause in their affidavit of service as proof of this.

Comprehensive and Professional handling and serving of all court documents

Our company delivers professional handling of all court documents to a national client base. We provide support to our process serving team Australia wide by providing all the information the process server will need to serve the document correctly on a cover sheet attached to the file. If a process serving agent is unsure of any aspect of the service or requires additional information to assist with service they report back to Process All-Over Pty Ltd.

We are constantly in touch with our process serving agents to ensure the comprehensive reporting of documents served and the quick flow of updates and/or service details get to our clients. If a file becomes difficult we provide direction to the agent on the ground, as well as direction to the client on how to best proceed in order to achieve a positive result. Comprehensive reporting of documents served is integral to our service policy.

Total Process Management

A total process management service is available from our company. If, for example, the client wishes to provide their own affidavit of service, our office provides total service details to the client at this time, if this has not already been done. Detailed reports are then prepared detailing the movement of the file since it left our management office, to its return. These process management reports are very comprehensive and include detailed attempts at service and total correspondence between our client, and our office, and our agent and our office.

If a document is unserved, we offer to hold the file on the premises and await further instructions. This can save the client time and money, come the time they wish to reactivate the file. We strive to uphold our status as one of Australia`s most comprehensive total process management service companies.

The process of serving legal documents is a highly specialised field and Process All-Over are industry leaders. Our staff are kept abreast of industry and legal changes on a continual basis, keeping our company at the fore-front of the industry.

The ongoing management of legal documents being served requires constant dilligence. Process All-Over strive to deliver a complete service to our ever-groing client base. For further information regarding the management of legal documents being served, please do not hesitate to contact our Melbourne office.

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Prompt Professional Process Serving

At Process All-Over we pride ourselves on providing a professional, confidential, quality service Australia wide, achieved through employing experienced administration staff and process serving agents who care about ensuring a positive result with every document received. Whether it be a legal document from one of the largest law firms in Melbourne or an individual client, our clients know and trust our wealth of experience.

  • Family owned and operated.
  • Over 35 years experience.
  • A caring professional team you can trust.
  • Located in Melbourne, though providing for the service of documents across Australia.
  • All process serving agents Australia wide licensed where necessary and covering service of all court jurisdictions.
  • Professional Indemnity insurance cover of 5 million and Public Liability insurance cover of 20 million.

Process All-Over Court Jurisdictions Covered

  • Magistrate’s Court
  • Federal Magistrate’s Court
  • Family Law Court
  • Children’s Court
  • County Court
  • Supreme Court
  • Federal Court
  • High Court
  • District Courts
  • Local Court