Go Divorce! is a Legal document and Divorce Process serving service for women.

Help completing applications for divorce proceedings in Melbourne and Australia with an end-to-end divorce process management service.

Go Divorce - Divorce Paper Process Serving. Process All Over have been serving divorce papers, divorce documents for divorce proceedings, legal documents and family law papers since 1982.

Welcome to Go Divorce. Our Director Yvonne Mason has a long history of rich experience serving divorce and other legal process documents and papers as part of the process server industry. Yvonne Mason of Process All Over have personally served or arranged the service of many thousands of divorce papers and documents within the past 30-plus years. Go Divorce is a caring team who strive to deliver quality divorce serving services to our clients Australia wide.

Our director Ms Yvonne Mason, understands, first hand, the divorcee experience and handles all our divorce paper process serving. Yvonne will knowingly guide you through your messy divorce helping you with patience, understand the process of your divorce. Our director is an expert process server with a rich experience of process serving documents from all legal, family law court and divorce court proceedings along with all the documentation that accompanies such legal process.

Let Process All Over help you to a brighter future beyond your messy complicated divorce

The Challenges of Women undergoing Divorce Process.

There has been a growing trend for women to attempt to save money during the divorce process in Australia by serving papers themselves. On average, it can take women 6 years to bounce back financially from the process of a divorce, which is why money saving has become a priority.

However, serving divorce documents yourself is not recommended. Not only could the divorce process be affected by the potential hostility, aggression, or even violence of the other party, but emotional involvement in the case can cause some people to become easily swayed or influenced, and papers for divorce may be filed with Australian law courts incorrectly. This draws out the process, significantly affecting divorce process time, and any mistakes can be costly to rectify in court.

It is recommended that women wishing to begin the process for divorce in Australia seek the assistance of an unbiased third party such as Process All Over, with years of experience of family law serving and in in depth knowledge of the family court divorce process. At Process All Over, we have seen first hand the challenges of serving official divorce papers in Australia, and we are proud to have a solid contingency plan in place for quick solutions should anything go wrong. Our ultimate aim is to reduce stress, making sure everything goes smoothly, right from getting divorce papers through to a satisfactory resolution.

Go Divorce 2020 - A divorce document process service with women in mind.

Go Divorce is a service offered from Process-All Over to help complete the process of a divorce. We recognize a divorce to be a very stressful period in a persons life and have created a hands-on service where we guide our clients through each step of their divorce.

Process All Over serve divorce papers Australia wide by our professional document servers. For more information, please contact Process-All Over and Go Divorce for a personal discussion regarding your divorce documents.

The need for Go Divorce: A Dedicated Service for Women undergoing Divorce proceedings.

While the process of divorce can often be a very upsetting and confusing time for both men and women, research suggests that women may struggle more than men during the process for divorce and the aftermath of a separation. That is why Process All Over have launched their Go Divorce service, offering a personal, one-on-one consultation with women wanting to know more about the process of divorce in Australia. We provide all the information you need about divorce in Australia - process, service of divorce papers, filing, and so on. We will discuss the best way to proceed with the divorce process based on your individual circumstances and preferences, and we are happy to represent you throughout the process of serving divorce papers, from start to finish.

Divorce Process and Divorce Papers: Service of Family Law Papers in Australia

At Process All Over, we recognise the hardship and stresses that divorce imposes on a family - in fact, it's the number two most stressful life event that we can experience, second only to the death of a spouse.

The proceedings can often become drawn out, costly, and frustrating, and our aim is to minimise your stress through the efficient handling of your legal divorce papers. Serving divorce papers in Australia can be challenging - it's important to know where to get divorce papers, how to file them, and when to serve - which is why Process All Over offer professional service of divorce and family law documents and complete and comprehensive reporting of all divorce and legal paperwork, ensuring that legal processes progress smoothly. We're dedicated to supporting you as you turn a new page and begin a new chapter in your life.

Acquiring a Divorce - The Divorce Process in Australia.

What is the process of a divorce in Australia? The divorce process has several steps and serving divorce papers is a major part of the diligence required once divorce proceedings are underway. Process All Over are Family Law Court document serving experts and have helped people in this area for many years. Our experienced managers bring a calm, expert quality to the process of divorce in Australia and, most importantly, ensure the divorce papers are served in a correct and timely fashion.

Australian divorce papers are the specialist area of Go Divorce, a division of Process-All Over.

Family Court Divorce Process - How to start the ball rolling by Obtaining Divorce Papers.

It is easy obtain divorce papers by visiting the Family Law Court website. The Family Court website has easy to download divorce kits plus the required forms to begin the divorce process. We offer a direct link to the Family Court downloads from our website. This is the first of 3 steps with the Family Court before receiving confirmation that your divorce papers and documents can be process served.

Serving Divorce Papers in Australia

Divorce papers can served on your behalf by licensed document servers from Process All Over. We understand the divorce process can be difficult and consequently have established an easy, stress free service where your divorce papers are served in the correct, timely and lawful manner.

We have proudly offered document serving services in Australia since 1982.

How to Start the Divorce Process

If you're unsure how to proceed with your divorce, Process All Over are here to help. The first step to getting the ball rolling is to complete Australian divorce papers. Many of our clients ask how to get divorce papers, and the good news is that the answer is simple. You can also view sample divorce papers here.

You can begin the process for divorce by filing divorce papers with the court, and, when the filing fee has been paid, you will be informed that you can now arrange to get your divorce papers served. It is recommended that you use a licensed divorce process server throughout the divorce process in Australia who is highly skilled, experienced, and will get the job done once, and done right.

A good server of divorce documents will record all attempts at service, and provide all required affidavits and diligence to satisfy Family Law courts in Australia. At Process All Over, we work with only the best licensed servers in the country, and use a sophisticated, up-to-date tracking database to ensure we`re able to quickly and easily locate and identify the necessary party should they not be willing to cooperate in the process. We understand that you may feel vulnerable following the breakdown of a marriage, which is why we`re committed to supporting you throughout this very difficult time.

For the Best service in Serving Divorce Papers - Call Process All Over

If you have any questions about divorce in Australia - process, filing, serving, or anything else - don't hesitate to give us a call. Our friendly, professional team will be happy to work with you to achieve a satisfactory solution, and will help to ensure that the divorce process progresses smoothly.


The word DIVORCE has always been one of those scary, not really talked about words.

At Go Divorce and Process All-Over, we can take the word SCARY out of the picture and turn it into a more calming situation, having done so for many many years and for many happy satisfied Customers (both legal firms and private individuals) who often return to us with their further Family Law Serving requirements.

Our Director, has personally served or arranged service of thousands of Divorce documents, Australia Wide, since getting her Process Serving Licence way back in 1982, when Process Servers actually held Process Serving Licences in Victoria.

All Go-Divorce Family Law clients are either spoken with over the phone and then greeted by our Professional caring staff at our office by appointment., or the matter is discussed in detail over the phone and the file posted or couriered to our office for attention.

If you are very time poor as most of us are today, we can discuss your file and its needs over the phone (at no charge) , accept your instructions by mail and arrange the service , keeping you updated as to its progress as the file runs, either by phone call, text or email, its totally up to you and we will agree to what ever method suits you and your situation.



GO DIVORCE was the idea of the Director of Process All-Over Pty Ltd, a Professional Process Serving Company serving Legal documents all over Australia for the past 35 years.

General enquiries and discussions were conducted by our Director, with friends and the general public (or who ever would listen to her) where it came to her attention, that many people are of the opinion that organising their Divorce can cost a lot of $$$$, in fact some people were even of the opinion that they may have to pay over $3000 to handle their total Divorce from Start to Finish. Really, yes that’s what a lot of people thought or were given the impression by enquiries made by themselves.

Step 1 »

You can simply file your own Divorce Documents using the Family Court Portal

» www.familycourt.gov.au

You must be separated from your partner for at least 12 month to qualify to file Divorce documents and also include a copy of your Marriage Certificate.

Step 2 »

Complete the forms as required in the Service Kit supplied to you by the Court.

» www.familycourt.gov.au

Step 3 »

File all documents back at the Court and pay the filing fee

» www.familycourt.gov.au

The Court will then advise you that you now have to arrange for your Divorce documents to be served by a Process Server, if you don’t have someone you feel comfortable with serving them.

That's where we come in!

Give us a call and we can explain the rest in a friendly manner and so that it makes pure simple sense with no scary demands or complicating requirements and at all times we are just a phone call away. Even our Director is able to be contacted on her mobile if you require such at any time.

We want your DIVORCE documents served quickly and on the first call if we can to save you money!

To do this we will ask what is the best time to attend the given address ( during business hours or after hours- with or without children present at the time?) Remember you know you partner better than us so the more you tell us the better informed we are at getting your documents served on the first call.

We will ask for a photograph to help our Agent identify the person we are serving ( just in case, does not happen often but not worth the worry, if he/she decides not to agree to being the person named in the Divorce documents) and enables the Process Server to serve the documents at his or her feet if required.

We will also ask you for any contact details you may have for them.

Prompt, Caring, Professional and Saving You $$$$$$$


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